Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Student Essay

Our school added several new students in September, as it does every year. One of those students, who I will call Kasey, is in fifth grade. A recent essay he wrote for class caught my eye and I have asked him if I can copy it hear on the blog. I wanted it first because I think it is well written and also because he writes about Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis, a book which is also a favorite of mine.

One of My Most Favorite Books

A favorite book of mine is called Buddy, Not Buddy. It was very interesting and amazing. It had a monster and a boy named Bud. The boy hated having to deal with people calling him Buddy.

I thought the book had lots of details and lots of excitement. It was very interesting the way they explained the book and the order they put the story in. Although there were some parts I didn't like at all and they were very heart breaking. It has some favorites, too, like the time he was out on his own. I didn't know that people back then were living on their own. If I lived on my own it would be a disaster waiting to happen and I most likely would not have survived without my mother, father, or my little brother. In fact, this book taught me something. It's not all about you and your needs and wants. You're lucky for what you have and you should appreciate all of it. The book talked about a monster int he beginning as I said and before it was very creepy. There was running up a hill as a monster chases them. I am pretty sure they were scared because I was scared and I was just reading the book. If you ever get to read it, I thought it was fabulous.