Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Let the fun begin

My first child was born 30 years ago today. She has a blog.

Her younger sister has a blog.

It's time for mom to get one, too.

I have been pondering a blog for a few years now and decided that one tied to the Emerson School library was a good place to start. Just ask my girls, reporting on my life would not be that interesting. This way I can share my love of reading with lots of people in one neat package. Since Emerson serves students from kindergarten to eighth grade, most of what I will talk about will be aimed at that population. However, it will be impossible for me to restrain myself from talking about exciting adult books that I read as well.

The goal is for everyone who reads this blog to join in discussions of what is read and what is worth reading. Please let your voice be heard.

Let the fun begin.

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