Monday, December 8, 2008

This Just In--Election Results

The poll has closed and the results have now been tabulated. Those of you who were closely following the poll will notice that the final totals are not what was on the poll when it closed. That is because our kindergarten and first grade students did not vote on the poll. They voted in their library class by putting their ballot in an appropriate bag. One bag was put up for each of the tickets. The nominated books were beside the bags to help make sure that voters knew for whom they were voting. This added 53 more votes to our total, bringing the voters to 305. That is a great turn out.

Now, the results:

The BOOKocrats
The Kid Who Ran For President/ Where the Wild Things Are--42 Votes (14%)

The Democats
A Series of Unfortunate Events/Cat in the Hat--104 votes (34%)

The Indepublicrats
Holes/Amelia Bedelia--64 votes (21%)

The READpublicans
Eragon/Green Eggs and Ham--95 (31%)

The winner is (drum roll) The Democats with A Series of Unfortunate Events and The Cat in the Hat. This party will be writing to author Lemony Snicket to tell him of the remarkable success of his book. The other classes will write to their authors as well. As they say at the Oscars, it is an honor to be nominated.

It should be noted that every party did remarkably well, garnering votes from all grade levels as well as from voters outside the school. The percentages are very close. In many states this would require a run-off between the top two candidates. Everywhere, there would probably be a demand for a recount. For any future elections of this sort we will have to find an improved method of voting to assure us that there is no voter fraud and that everyone gets an equal chance to vote. However, for this election, these will be our final results.

The only demographic for which we have clear data is the kindergarten and first grade block. They voted overwhelmingly--34 votes--for the Indepublicrats, suggesting that Amelia Bedelia is very popular with this youngest group of readers.

The students (and others) who voted and the students who went through the nomination process and supported their candidates are to be commended on a job well done. I hope everyone enjoyed this experience as much as I have.

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