Monday, May 25, 2009

The End of the Year is Busy

This is just a quick up-date to any loyal readers who have been wondering where I have been. The simple answer is BUSY!

On May 1, we held the very successful and enjoyable concluding event to our Second and Third Grade Book Quest. Creativity and fun were the key words. I wish I had had time to take pictures of the many unique and challenging ways that the students and their coaches devised to test knowledge of the books. Bravo!!

May 6,7, and 8 was the annual used book sale. Whew! We moved and handled and sold a huge number of books. With most books going for just one, thin dime plus discounts on the last day, you can imagine our joy at making $295.00 which we donated to the Peace Neighborhood Center which helps children throughout the area.

The library is officially closed for the school year and inventory is about one half way to completion. The earlier closer and the quick turn around is because we are also packing all of the books as we go along. First the shelves of a given section are put in order. Then the books are inventoried using my trusty PHD. I feel very lucky when I think about how many people spend years and thousands of dollars to get a PhD and then wonder if they ever really use what they learned. I got my PHD through mail order and use it every year for a few weeks. Of course, my PHD is a Portable Handheld Device that is used for scanning the bar codes on the books and will never be good for much else. A Doctor of Philosophy probably would serve me well in other areas but I will settle for the PHD I now have.

If you come in the next few weeks you will see bare shelves and stacks of boxes. This hard work is just the preamble to the hard work of construction that is set to begin no later than June 15. It will get will get done... it will get done.

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