Saturday, September 6, 2008

Library Contest--September 2008

The contest in the library changes about once a month. This month we have what has become the traditional start of the school year. A variety of teachers and administrators have put items in the library showcase that represent summer activities. They also include some items that represent that activity to them.

One teacher brought us a rock formed by the cooled lava from Mt. Kilimanjaro where she and her husband hiked this summer. Another lava rock came back from Hawaii with a teacher. We have items collected in Beijing by the proud mom of an Olympic water polo silver medal winner. There are memories of hikes and runs as well as hours spent with legs elevated to recover from surgeries. Theater and beaches, long trips and short ones, hard work and leisure were all part of our summers.

The contest is for Emerson students to decide who did what. The winner will be the person who has the most correct. A drawing will be held in case of a tie. A cooler bag filled with items that reminiscent of summer awaits the lucky winner.

We have a fascinating team working at Emerson so it is no surprise that we have fascinating items in the display. Come take a look.

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