Sunday, September 14, 2008

What's Special About This Week--Sept. 15-19

September 15--Someday

Yes, today is that day to do all the things you have been planning to do "someday".

September 15--American Novel Day

Think of all the great American novels you love. Then read a new one. I will spare you suggestions today, but do stay tuned.

September 16, 1630--Boston, Massachusetts, founded on the Shawmut Peninsula

My daughter lives in Boston so when I visit Boston, she is my very first, and often almost only, attraction there. If you go to the City of Boston site you can find all the other things to see and do in the former Shawmut, including a video series of walking the Freedom Trail.

September 16--Stay Away From Seattle Day

This day was created, or so folks on line tell us, to give "America's Best Place to Live" a break from all of its visitors and the many new people moving to Seattle. Since Ann Arbor is a place that keeps getting high ratings as a great place to live, I think this should be easy to observe. Besides, you are still thinking about the wonders of Boston.

September 17, 1931--First long-playing record demonstrated

A major development in sound recording came when RCA created a 12 inch flexible vinyl disc that turned at 33 1/3 revolutions per minute. This innovation made it possible to record and play longer works on a single record. Do you know how many grooves are on each side of a record?

September 17, 1787--The United States Constitution signed

If you were not in Philadelphia in 1787, you can read all about this historic event at the Library of Congress website. The Library of Congress is a great place to view information about anything related to America and American history.

September 18, 1981--The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum opened in Grand Rapids

Michiganders are proud to claim President Ford as a native son. He grew up in Grand Rapids and went to college in Ann Arbor, where you can visit his presidential library. You can learn about both places at their website.

September 18--Chile Independence Day

Read all about Chile's fiestas patrias .

September 19--International Talk Like a Pirate Day

This day has become something of an event at Emerson thanks to our piracy elective. There was even a big article about it in the Ann Arbor News .

September 19, 1982--Supposed First Use of an Emoticon : )

While the folks at Snopes, the famous debunkers of computer myths, disagree, many people proclaim that Carnegie Mellon University professor Scott E. Fahlman was the first person to use the now almost too common smile made of with punctuation marks. Now there are hundreds of emoticons and still room for folks to add more.


Jaya said...

September 17 is also the feast of Hildegard of Bingen--never officially canonized, but commemorated on the Roman Catholic and Anglican calendars. One could celebrate by identifying local fish, treating ailments, or dressing up as your favorite virtue (with lots of jewelry), all of which she did. She also had migraines, but that doesn't sound like as much fun.

Jaya said...

And Talk like a Pirate Day made the Boston Globe too.

Linda said...

Hmmm.. I always wear lots of jewelry to work. I am not sure about which is my favorite virtue but surely a whale's tale, a school, a witch, a baseball bat, a red, white, and blue heart, a football, and a record must represent something. I will keep my eyes open for local fish and ailments that need treating. Thanks for the update.

Did the Globe have pictures of students and teachers storming the school offices? We are pretty proud of our uprisings.