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More mysteries--Thanks, 4th grade

More mystery books reviewed by Mrs. B.'s 2009-2010 fourth grade class.

Daredevils by Franklin W. Dixon
One day Frank and Joe Hardy were watching a movie called "Flame Broiled". When the movie was over they went home to find that their dad had a note from Brian McCaully, an old friend in Hollywood. It said that his son, Terrence McCaully (a friend of Frank and Joe, also a stuntman) was entering the Daredevil Fest and thought someone didn't want him to compete. Now the boys have a one way trip to Hollywood to solve the mystery.
While they're in Hollywood they meet some pretty suspicious suspects and do a lot of dangerous stunts like hang-gliding, sky diving, and extreme truck driving.
Rating: I give this book 4 stars because it made me want to look deeper into the book and find all its secrets. It made me want to read it for hours and hours.

Stolen Stegosaurus by Paleo Joe
This book is about two kids, Dakota and Shelly. Shelly is 9 years old and she thinks she knows everything. Dakota, on the other hand, is much different. He's average. He is 10 years old. Dakota doesn't like Shelly very much. He thinks she's a total brat. They go on a dino dig with their friend Paleo Joe. They head out to North Dakota because that is one of the best digging sites. Then Shelly finds some dinosaur eggs and thinks she is the best person in the world. They figure out that the dino eggs belonged to a stegosaurus. Then they find some bones of a stegosaurus but don't find any more! Can they find the dino bones? Read the book and find out!
Rating: I would give this book only half a star because it didn't really catch my attention and it didn't really have much action. I would recommend it if you are the type of person who likes mystery books.

Disappearing Acts by Betsy Byars
Disappearing Acts is a book about a girl named Herculeah Jones, and her friend, Meat. Herculeah is a detective who helps Meat with finding his father who ran away when Meat was born. When Meat goes to joke classes at Funny Bonz Night Club, he finds a dead body in the bathroom. When the director goes back to check, the body is gone. Meat tells Herculeah, and she comes back to look. But then she finds a clue to Meat's case and she thinks she can find his father. Can she solve both cases? Which case will she choose? Read the book to find out.
Rating: I gave this book **** stars because it was good, but it was sometimes a little boring.

Howliday Inn by James Howe
This book is great. It's about a family who goes on vacation and leave their pets, Chester and Harold, at Chateau Bow-Wow. Chester gets worried that Howard and Heather are werewolves. When Harold wakes up, Chester has gone missing. Harold can't trust anyone, not even Howard or Heather! He talks to his friend Max--Louise has now gone missing, too! They look at the gate and it was opened. What happened to Chester and Louise?
Rating: I gave this book five stars because it has a lot of detail and is interesting, but I knew that they would solve the mystery.

Chet Gecko in Farewell My Lunch Bag by Bruce Hale
In this book someone has been stealing food from the kitchen and if the lunch lady does not figure out who has been stealing the food from the kitchen she will lose her job. So the lunch lady asks Chet for help and Chet agrees. It is only because he does not want to say good-bye to stink bug pie. Chet's partner, Nattily Attired, helps him with this mystery. They try talking to many people who do not like the lunch lady, but none of them did it.
This book takes place at Emerson Hicky Elementary. All the teachers there are mean. The only nice grown-up is the lunch lady. Can Chet save his stink bug pie and the lunch lady? If you want to find out, read the book!
Rating: I rate this book **** because it was good, but if you read it again it is no fun because you know the ending and it will not be a mystery. This book had a lot of details.

Bunnicula by Deborah and James Howe
This book is about two children that have a dog named Harold and a cat named Chester. One day they go to a Dracula movie and find a bunny; they name him Bunnicula. Chester finds out what Bunnicula is doing every night. Chester is worried that Bunnicula is going to take over the house. Will Bunnicula take over the house or will Chester and Harold stop him?
Rating: I give this book a * star rating because it was not really a mystery book. It was boring. A lot of other people like this book, but, personally, I don't.

Seven Day Magic by Edward Eager
This book is about five children who love to read. One day they find a book at the library that is due in seven days instead of fourteen days. While they start reading it, they notice that it is about their own lives. They didn't know where the book came from. They start making wishes to the book thinking they would come true, and they do. Their first wish was to go to Oz land and help save the munchkins from the evil dragon. They traveled there from a flying house. Mr. Oswaldo is the one who made the house fly by using a special potion. Ms. Funkhouser is Mr. Oswaldo's maid who cleans up all the magic that goes wrong. Will the five kids save the munchkins or will the dragon eat them all? Read to find out.
Rating: I gave this book **** stars because people who like adventure and mystery would love it. Also that most parts were exciting and they kept me on the edge of my seat.

The Tower Treasure by Franklin W. Dixon
This book is about the Hardy boys. The Hardy boys are the main characters in The Tower Treasure. First is Frank Hardy. He has blond hair and is a little older than Joe Hardy. He is also a little more responsible than Joe. Joe Hardy has short black hair and is more athletic than his brother, Frank. He is also a little more positive than his brother. The setting takes place in Bayport, New York. Bayport is a small town with a a lot of people. This is where Frank and Joe were born and raised by Mrs. and Mr. Hardy. The mystery in this book is about money and jewels that were stolen from these rich people called the Applegates. When the Applegates found out that some of their property was stolen, they were both furious. What will happen next? Will the Hardy boys solve the case or not? Read to find out.
Rating: I would rate this book **** because it had a lot of action in it and it was really good at times, so I would recommend this book to all readers.

The Hardy Boys and the Arctic Patrol Mystery by Franklin W. Dixon
This book is about two boys named Frank and Joe Hardy that go to their friend's house. A man tries to kidnap them from solving the mystery of their disappearing friends. They go to Iceland to give a man named Rex Hallbjornson $50.000 for saving a billionaire's life at sea. The pilot of the plane is the man who kidnapped Frank and Joe's friends. They killed him and then the plane crashed, but they were fine. Will the boys catch the thief? Read the book to find out.
Rating: I would give this book a **** star rating because the book had a lot of suspense and I never was bored of it.

Sammy Keyes and the Psycho Kitty Queen by Wendelin Van Draanen
This book is about a girl named Sammy Keyes who notices a problem in her neighborhood: there are cats disappearing everywhere and their owners aren't happy. In this book, Sammy goes out of her way to find these kitties. Now for the facts: There are dead cats in garbage cans. There were wrestlers that had weird names. Some people were acting very suspicious. Cats were forced to fight each other. A police officer was dressed up as the wrestler Al Gato. Crazy people were betting on fighting cats. The main characters in the book were Sammy, the sleuth; Mom, the liar; Grams, the worrier; and Tony, the betrayer. Now you know the basics of the book. Read it for the fun of it!
Rating: My rating was 4 out of 5 stars. It was awesome!

Nancy Drew and the Invisible Intruder by Carolyn Keene
This book is about a teen-age girl detective named Nancy, who loves to solve mysteries! The mystery in this book is about an invisible intruder who tries to get a deed to a hotel. In order to do that he has to scare the people who are staying at the hotel. Eventually the word will spread that there is a ghost in the hotel. He wants that because nobody will stay there and it will get bankrupt. Nancy has to try to find the person who is making all these ghosts appear and report that person to the police. Will Nancy be able to find the person before the hotel gets bankrupt? You'll have to read to find out.
Rating: I give this book *** stars out of five stars because it was a little boring. I never got interest in the book and I knew Nancy would solve the mystery.

Nancy Drew and the Mystery of Nancy's Mysterious Letter by Carolyn Keene
This book is about a teenager named Nancy Drew who gets a letter that is supposed to be for a famous actress named Nancy Smith Drew. While Nancy is trying to find Nancy Smith Drew, another mystery has taken place. Nancy's friend, Ira Nixon has a stepbrother named Edgar Nixon who has stolen a LOT of money from him. When Nancy stays at the hotel that Nancy Smith Drew stayed at, she finds out that Nancy Smith Drew is going to marry Edgar Nixon. Finally, Nancy finds Nancy Smith Drew at an airport. When Nancy tells Nancy Smith Drew that she is about to marry a thief, she doesn't know what to say. Then Nancy sees Edgar walking to the bathroom. Will she ever catch him?
Rating: I will rate this book *** stars out of five stars because it was to read but it was too short of a book.

Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood Mummy by Wendelin Van Draanen
This book is about a girl named Sammy Keyes who lives with her grandmother. She runs away with her best friend, Marrissa, to see her mother who left one year before to become a movie star. When they arrive in Hollywood they discover that her mother pretends she is twenty years younger, dyes her hair, makes fake newspaper clippings about her acting, makes fake roles, and changes her name to get the part of Jewel in a T. V. show. Max, the man that Sammy's mother is going to marry, is secretly trying to ruin her career. When the friends are trying to rescue Sammy's mom, they have to go through obstacles and little mysteries along the way. Will they be able to stop Max and the maids that help along the way in time?
Rating: I gave this book four stars. It was full of suspense, mystery, adventure and action.

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